UPTU understands the importance of confidence in students


About UPTU:

The Technical University was set up by the Government of Uttar Pradesh on May 8, 2000. Programmes of education, research and training in Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Town Planning, Pharmacy, Applied Arts & Crafts and such other programmes fall under ‘Technical Education’, according to the University Act.

The main aim of the university is to provide and upgrade education, training and research in fields of technical education, and to create entrepreneurship and a conducive environment for pursuit of the technical education in close co-operation with industries.

Also, UPTU aims to promote technical education amongst educationally backward classes and communities.      

The Uttar Pradesh Technical University is soon set to kick-start three new schemes in order to inculcate positive attitude and confidence among students.

“A tie-up with foreign universities is on the cards. Faculty exchange programme with international universities is another novel scheme being introduced,” Dr R.K. Khandal, UPTU Vice-Chancellor, said.

“Research work would be another priority.’Tod Fod Jod’ centre (innovation centres) would be set up in every engineering college, where the students would first unscrew old machines themselves and then they would be asked to reassemble them,” Dr Khandal added.



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