Changes to enhance student diversity in their admissions at IIM-A


The Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad has introduced some changes to the recruitment and admissions process for the 2014-2016 batch of Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management students to enhance the prospect of admission of students belonging to different educational background at their graduation level without compromising on quality of admits.

The institute’s admissions process has two stages:

The Common Admission Test (CAT),

Written Analysis and Personal Interview (WA-PI) of shortlisted candidates.

Usually, a weighted average of CAT scores and prior academic performance was used earlier to generate a merit list of candidates invited for WA-PI. However, this year, the list was supplemented with CAT toppers (top 50 or 1 per cent of candidates from the academic stream, whichever was lower) from five broad academic classifications to arrive at the final set of candidates invited for WA-PI. Additionally WA-PI scores were based not only on academic performance and written analysis but also quality of interview, extra-curricular activities, awards, and work experience.

“Diversity of perspectives contributes greatly to the discussion-based learning that we employ at IIM-A. Having a broader mix of participants without compromising on quality will enrich the academic experience of IIM-A students even further,” says Ashish Nanda, director, IIM-A.

As a result of these changes, the new batch of students at IIM-A this year reflect a diversity of backgrounds not present before at the institute. This year non-engineers constitute 11 per cent of the students to whom offers have been made, compared to a mere five per cent or less in the last three years. Twenty-eight per cent of the offers, a record high, have been made to women applicants, compared to women constituting only 11 to 22 per cent in the previous years.



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