Tips to keep in mind while graduation


   Congratulations!! After all that hard work and dedicated studies you have made it for entering the graduation school/college. Now what?

Graduation is the memorable part of everyone’s life journey. Being one of the greatest period, Graduation is also one of the productive times of your life and everyone’s life. Full of determination, one is ready and capable enough to do any and everything to build their life for better.

Yet it can also be one the scariest, loneliest, and confusing times. You will learn to question everything. You will find out that most undergraduates are not, in fact, anywhere near as smart as you believed your classmates to be.

Life becomes a mixed bag. You will spend endless hours lonely, buried in your books and you’ll also spend your time with your roommates who are your closest friend and greatest enemies. Your social life will be on a rollercoaster and you may notice making long talks about it twice, thrice or even more times. Yet, you will find your graduation time very rewarding. You will discover and refine your passions.

Also, you will find that professors – even those dreary ones you dreaded in the lecture halls – are, in fact, some of the brightest, kindest, and friendliest people that you have ever met. Even if they do dress slightly odd and seem to be buried amongst more pieces of paper than you ever thought could possibly occupy a desk.

Here are some tips to prepare yourself for your upcoming journey-


Money becomes the first thing as college may not be as affordable as you might have thought. Graduate school is expensive. Student loans, scholarships, grants… there are a myriad of ways to help you pay. Whichever way you choose, you should budget your money. With all the regular expenses of books, tution fees, transportation charges, and other expenses, you might also wish to work into your budget the ability to save. List all of them in an excel sheet and follow a fixed budget.

Get your Student ID as soon as possible-

Your Student ID will allow you to access a myriad of services on campus, especially the library and gym. Many allow you to obtain your student ID and begin using services before classes begin, as long as you have proof of enrollment and/or are registered for classes. Plus, you’ll avoid the rush of freshman and other students lined up to get theirs in the few weeks before the semester starts. (And get access to that wonderful library to start requesting textbooks and research materials before others do!)

Love Your Library-

The campus library is one of the best resources you have available to you. You can begin reading non-fiction related to your area of study, or even peruse the fiction section. While it may not have the latest best-sellers, there’s usually a couple gems to be found no matter what you’re looking for. Additionally, many university libraries participate in various lending programs – and as a graduate student, you may have unlimited access to requesting any kind of book from anywhere in the nation.

Know Your Textbook Options-

 Graduate school usually requires that you keep your textbooks from Day 1, due to comprehensive exams or thesis work. However, there are options that can help you save money. Websites like, are great sources for finding used versions of your textbooks for significantly less than new or campus-bookstore versions.

Research Academic Societies and Journals-

Depending upon your major, there may be academic-based societies, national or state or local clubs/societies, or academic journals relevant to your field. Subscribe or become a member of those which are relevant to your field and who offer benefits of which you can take advantage. Take the opportunities to attend conferences or presentations by the organization, to read journal articles, and to network with others in your field.

These actions will also be helpful while preparing your resume. Your resume will become powerful with your belonging to these connections. Networking is a great way to make contacts who could help you find a job at graduation.

Becoming involved beyond your campus is an important skill, and one that shows your dedication to your chosen profession and willingness to continue learning throughout life.

Meet with your Graduate Advisor-

 E-mail or meet in-person with your advisor to discuss your schedule, requirements to be met in the first semester (such as submitting a degree plan), and any other questions you have regarding the program and its requirements. Ensure you’ve read up on the degree requirements and have selected classes that will help you meet those requirements while contributing to what you want to do with your degree. Mark on your calendar any due dates for important paperwork. And keep in touch with your graduate advisor on at least a semester check-in basis. It will help ensure that you don’t get held back for not completing administrative paperwork or taking the wrong classes.

Build Your Resume / Curriculum Vitae-

By now, you’ve probably encountered the Resume. If you haven’t, it’s time. Graduate school will be the time to build up your portfolio or resume, so it’s a good idea to have a template in place filled in with what you’ve already accomplished. A typical resume – or curriculum vitae – typically has: a summary of your academic experience, including degrees and graduation dates; academic honors or awards you may have earned; work experience, including dates of employment and a brief job description; community service; any published works you have written or edited; conferences attended; and/or references that can be contacted.

Keep these things in mind and enjoy your college life! All the best!  🙂 Eduezee



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