Google encourages Education- develops an application called Classroom



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According to a daily newspaper Google is set to expand technological frontiers in education with the introduction of its new apps for Education suite, called Classroom.

This application is designed to help teachers create and assign assignments quickly and provide feedback efficiently and help in mass communication. This news was mentioned in blog of Google.

This application will lessen the use of papers as apps like Docs, Drive and Gmail integrated can help teachers create and collect assignments paperless. It will also allow teachers to track how many students have not completed their tasks and provide real-time feedback to them.


Classroom will be an ad-free product, just like other apps for Education tools.”- Google

Teachers interested in trying out this new product can request for an invite on the official Classroom website and depending on the number of requests it receives, Google will let a limited number of teachers try it out for a month. The wider rollout of this online solution will commence in September. There are about 90 education software vendors in the Apps Marketplace. It’s not clear with how many Classroom will end up competing with directly.


Google described Classroom as a simple, easy-to-use tool. Google is already testing Classroom with schools and universities. The company will also provide developer tools. Apps for Classroom is expected to be free.


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