Students with vocational subjects now eligible for DU


This year onwards, Students who were earlier not allowed admission due to vocational subjects in Class XII are now eligible for applying and getting admission in Delhi University.

Announcing an inclusive admission policy, dean of students’ welfare J M Khurana said that even a student who has studied a language and three vocational subjects or electives can apply.

The other side of the situation is that it won’t be that easy with these students. It won’t be a cakewalk for students with vocational courses as 10% of the maximum marks will be deducted from the subject while calculating their aggregate.

Khurana further added that all subjects listed as electives or vocational by Central Board of Secondary Education are to be considered academic subjects if they are offered as honours courses in DU. However, 70% of vocational courses should be theory. Also courses like physical education, home science and music in Class XII will be considered in the best of four for only those seeking admission in these very honours courses in DU. But this policy makes a large number of students now eligible for admission in DU.

The only disadvantage is that 10% of the maximum marks will be deducted from each of the score in vocational subject included in the best of four aggregate. For example if a student scored 90 in a particular vocational course with maximum marks 100, that student’s marks will be taken as 80 while calculating the best of four aggregate. The same drawback was pointed by Khurrana.

There will be no deduction from the aggregate in case of elective subjects. For the elective subjects “offered by CBSE and as honours course by DU, will be accepted in the best of four as academic subjects without any disadvantage,” said Malay Neerav, joint dean of DSW and media coordinator of DU.

Back in April, the University Grants Commission (UGC) had appealed to the universities to take appropriate action for recognition of 13 new academic subjects such as legal studies, mass media, heritage crafts and theatre studies, among others for admission of students in degree programmes.

Source: TOI


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