Gauhati University towards major changes in its evaluation pattern

    A deep thought is being made by the state education department of Gauhati University (GU) affiliated colleges, after the directorate of higher education (DHE), Assam.

It is likely that the undergraduate script evaluation will be done within the duration of 15 days from the last day of the exams.

Spot Evaluation- The director of education, P Jidung said that the management had proposed for spot evaluation. For this, each college should be equipped to act as a micro-zone for spot evaluation. Moreover, spot evaluation is done in the examination zone which is already located in a few colleges.

The management has hopes towards the implementation of the idea of spot evaluation. Also, the students will receive results earlier this time.The principals acting as office in charge make sure that the results will be out within stipulated time.

Earlier in the meeting between DHE officials, ACPC, ACTA and GU, it was decided that the university would submit information about the number of zones, colleges, examinees and candidates to the DHE. A detailed annual academic schedule would also be presented at that time.

A better and formulated arrangement will be made by next year.

College principals have been asked to send a list of teachers who refuse to do evaluation work and the college will take necessary action against them.

   Although, GU students had been demanding early publication of the UG semester results, they were delayed by several months in some cases. Officials of the university were, however, hopeful that if properly implemented, the new system would yield positive results.



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