Scope of career in Agriculture sector


Some believe that Agriculture is all about crops, seeds, harvest, pesticides and yield. Actually, it is far beyond that. Many activities and dimensions like trading, funding, feasibility studies, food processing, marketing and economics are also included.

If the prospect of getting into the management or business side of agriculture interests you, then the relatively new course B.Sc in Agri-Business Management is the course for you.

The course was introduced in Tamil Nadu Agriculture University (TNAU). The four-year course is a mix of business management and agriculture technology.

The industrialist own a positive view towards the course and as per K Mahendran, professor, department of Agricultural and Rural Management whenever the industrialist visit their campus they express their need for people to know about the course so that people can develop strategies  based on agriculture and business. The main advantage of the course is that it is a mix of business and management and agriculture technology.

Moreover, 70% of the course coverage is of business management and the other 30% is of agriculture technologies. 


Students who have taken the science stream can apply with their mark sheets. Some subjects students will study are micro-finance, banking, cost-analysis, supply chain management, packing and marketing of agri-inputs and products among others.

Moreover, today, with the seed, fertilizer, food processing and commodity trade industry growing by the day, more such professionals are required by the industry presently.

The course is designed in line with the latest scenario of the industry. Mahendran says that the students of the college are taught the basics of availability of various products, manufacturing processes, costs involved, sourcing and even export processes. On the other hand such students of with this knowledge are in demand in the banking sector. The reason is With the Reserve Bank of India telling all private and public sector banks to keep aside at least 30% of their lending for agriculture or agriculture based industries, employees with agri-business knowledge are in demand,” he says. Students in banking are required to evaluate projects, look at the credibility of the proposal, do risk analysis and scrutinise agriculture loans.

This Agri-based course is also available at University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karanataka and the Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University, Andhra Pradesh.


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