Successful career largely depends on clarity of what one wants to do in life


   One more view that says that Colleges and courses don’t matter much for pursuing any career or excelling in life. What is the most important is that one should be sure what one wants to do in life. Institutions and courses don’t matter much for pursuing any career or excelling in life.

                If the mind is clear, other things fall in place automatically. The nationwide Mission Admission campaign was held on Thursday. This was the broad advice of experts to participants on the second and concluding day of the two-day seminar organized by The Times of India.

During the seminar, one thing was noted that the imagination of students and parents alike when P C Jain, principal of Shri Ram College of Commerce (the most preferred college of Delhi University for commerce) said, “Neither college nor course is important. You are important.

This was what he advised during the session-

  • If you join the best college and perform the worst, it won’t help you. But if you join the worst college and do the best, you will excel.
  • Give extra effort in everything you do and you will achieve excellence. There is only one parameter to success, which is to believe in what you are doing.
  • Along with academic knowledge, courses must give due importance to values like honesty and integrity as well as to extra-curricular activities and research works.
  • Speaking about changing approach in teaching-learning process, Jain said the education system was teacher centric. It was a radical shift when Delhi University introduced four-year undergraduate course, making it more student-centric, despite large-scale criticism, he added.

Career counselor and founder director of Career Smart Usha Albuquerque

  • Many of us do courses without realizing why am I going to do this? You must choose a career that interests and excites you, advising students not to get carried away with name and fame.
  • Before choosing a course students must consider their abilities, personality, interest, motivation, academics, skills and goals. It is important to discover oneself and get relevant information about any career move.

Managing director of Admizzionz Campuz Pradeep Narayanan-

  • If you understand things, you will find something that matches your profile.
  • Narayanan said options in higher education are many and fast changing with introduction of innovative and ground-breaking ideas.
  • Professor of sociology, Utkal University, Anup Kumar Dash-
  • The role of social science professionals has become more crucial with widening gap between the affluent and the poor across the world.
  • Increasing wealth and changing lifestyle led to eroding value system and contradictions in the society. Students pursuing social sciences can play a major role as social engineers as well as social doctors with a wide range of sectors.

Principal, SAI International School, Harish Sanduja, said, “Learning to learn is the most important thing for students these days. They must not bother about the source and platform, but think of the knowledge they are gaining and how to use it effectively.



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