International degree in Business and Commerce


It is true that India is spreading her wings in all the sectors- information technology, car manufacturing, entertainment and agriculture. Moreover, the country is defining its place in the world by this.

Moreover, Along with growing in more and more sectors comes numerous oppurtunities. As Indian firms in these and other sectors increase their exports in international markets, expand their presence outside India and attract foreign direct investment , more and more suitably qualified individuals are required to sustain this growth.

And with this also comes more requirement for education and literacy for the necessary skill sets. Further, Good business programmes will typically take a multi-disciplinary approach to business education and feature case studies, problem solving, modelling, quantitative skills and often an internship. Sharp analytical skills, good presentation skills, combined with real world experience will be a perfect fit. Such skills are essential for success in a whole range of areas such as foreign investment, business development, logistics and international marketing. The research skills learned in such a degree programme could be applied to investigate and analyse relevant legislation, identify opportunities and threats for growth and formulate benchmarks for performance evaluation. Quantitative ability could be used to analyse and interpret data for effective decision-making. The presentation skills could help in disseminating information and analyses for a variety of purposes within a firm. Valuable interpersonal skills would help in engaging fruitfully with other team members to successfully deliver a project on time and within budget in a work setting. Most of these skills are transferable to other sectors.

International trade is critical to the success of the Indian economy for various reasons. Exports and inflows of external capital — preferably as foreign direct investment — are required to plug India’s persistent current account deficit.

Exposure to international markets can play a key role in innovation, productivity, growth and expansion for Indian firms in certain key sectors. As foreign firms seek to invest in India, carefully targeted foreign direct investment can spur both productivity growth and employment domestically. Acquiring the skills and experience sought by such companies — whether Indian or otherwise — could be a wise career move.


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