98 community colleges across 5 states get approval from UGC


The University Grants Commission has permitted and approved 98 skill based colleges across India. 16 of these colleges are in Maharashta, 13 from Tamil Nadu, 11 from Kerala and four from Assam.

The courses range from the duration from six months to two years.

Courses offered-

  • Tourism and hospitality,
  • Power plant,
  • Chemistry,
  • Information technology,
  • Food processing,
  • Horticulture,
  • Healthcare,
  • Automobile management and cast iron foundry.

The courses have been introduced by keeping in view the low employment rates as well as rising unemployment rates.

In situations like when the country’s economy is not doing well, these courses are helpful. Moreover, they are affordable also therefore people who cannot afford expensive colleges, such courses are a perfect fit.

This scheme has been introduced by the UGC as part of the 12th five year plan. By proving nationally acceptable and standarised education to all, the scheme can help the 4.6

This scheme of community colleges has been introduced by the UGC community college scheme announced in the 12th five-year plan.

The increasing Indian population, the numbers of unemployed are going to rise. The Commission hopes to curb the rising unemployment problem in India by providing nationally standardized and acceptable skill-based programmes to help the 4.6 crore umemployed population in India.


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