Sakaar Bharat Mission


Launched in 2009, Sakaar Bharat is a mission supporting education. The mission aims helping 70 million people to be literate by 2017.

It is the largest adult education programme in the world and hence achieves the praise of the new global education index.

The 2014 Learning Curve report published by Pearson features a case study on this mission, the largest adult education programme in the world.

The centrally-sponsored mission is under the department of school education and literacy (DSEL), Union ministry of human resource development. It focuses in particular on those who in the past have been marginalised in Indian education, including women (the target is for 60 million female neoliterates), the rural poor, and the country’s worst-off tribes and castes. The mission has changed the shape of lifelong learning in India.

According to Deepak Mehrotra, One of the most critical reasons that has led to the project’s success and astounding reach of 25 million people to date is laying the right definition of desired project outcomes, at the beginning of the project. At Pearson, we believe this approach of ensuring efficacy and outcomes in education can bring a revolutionary change in the sector and equip all learners with ‘skills for life’

The Learning Curve was started in 2012 to gather, interpret and organize data of about 50 of the world’s education systems. Today, it is an open living resource with 2,500 data points on various indicators.



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