10th Anniversary of Oxford’s Executive MBA and Business school surveys EMBA alumni


 As per news, a survey was held on the 10th anniversary of the Oxford’s Executive programme with the purpose to identify the impact of the course on the career and the contribution towards student’s success as leaders. Their responses will be helpful in determining the performance of the course and will give an in-depth insights of the course.

The difference an EMBA can make to performance within the organisation and into the sort of issues these senior executives are currently facing can be seen.

With the increasing scope of MBA, there is a lot of interest identifying the ROI of MBA’s investment given the investment such programmes represent, but for EMBA alumni, senior managers who have reached the point in their career when they want to stop and take stock, this is not about financial return but about gaining the insight and resilience to make a much bigger impact within the organisation,

The survey demonstrated the transformative effect of the EMBA programme with 61% of respondents citing the greatest impact coming from the development of their ‘leadership capabilities and self-awareness’.

However, with the advantages there are also challenges. Though there was problems faced in financing new projects viably, the war on talent was also seen. Shortage of suitable and qualified teachers was reported which hampered the innovation and growth. 

  • 61% of the alumni clearly indicated the value of the EMBA in helping them develop new ways of thinking to tackle such challenges with many reporting drawing upon key decision making tools, approaches and mindsets from the course when considering such issues, referencing specific lectures, assignments and past conversations with fellow participants as helpful in informing their thinking.
  • Looking ahead to future challenges, alumni identified demographic shifts (41%), increased global competition (39%), and environmental (35%) and technological changes (35%) as concerns thought likely to have the greatest impact on businesses in the future.
  • The course has been drafted in a way to prepare students for the road ahead. Demographic change and the associated business opportunities and challenges was the theme of the GOTO (Global Opportunities and Threats Oxford) online problem-solving initiative across the School in 2013.
  • Environmental challenges and resource scarcity will be the discussion topic for 2015 among the School’s wider community of alumni, students, faculty and others coming together to develop action-oriented responses to the issues.
  • The Oxford EMBA is evolving keeping in track with the external business environment and the demand for leaders who can take on some of the world’s most complex problems and capitalise on global opportunities.
  • There is surety to strengthen focus on the challenges of strategic decision making and the development of personal presence as a leader, encompassing governance, ethics, reputation and risk.

           Over 75 EMBA alumni from around the world returned to Oxford this weekend to celebrate the anniversary. The event combined continual learning from academic lectures, with reflection on the EMBA participants’ achievements and successes, alongside networking opportunities.



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