Kashmir University likely to start job-oriented courses


Srikumar Banerjee, Chancellor of Kashmir University has decided to start job-oriented courses. The higher education opportunities are limited in the valley and Ladakh region, the institution is in the process as well as avenues to start various job-oriented courses.

SriKumar Banerjee also believes that at Kashmir Valley and Ladakh region, the higher education opportunities are very limited. The total number of seats even in basic sciences is very limited.

Moreover, according to him, the higher education cannot be neglected.

Plans are to start working on nanosciences. Prior to working on nanosciences and nanotechnology, ou must have a basic background of physics and chemistry. Unless you start the departments of physics and chemistry, you cannot embark upon nanosciences. Though the institution is building advanced education and other vocational courses, higher education cannot be neglected.

The university will start various job-oriented courses to help tap the growing unemployment in the state.

Courses likely to be started are diploma in automobile repairing and mobile repairing which would fight unemployment.

The chancellor said the university will complete the construction of pre-engineered buildings at the designated land for the campus in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal.


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