Philosophy as a discipline


   Usually, the school curriculum does not include Philosophy as a subject. Geetesh Nirban, a professor at Kamala Nehru College teaches the subject in the college believes that the subject offers opportunities to test various beliefs and outlooks. By portraying the evolutionary nature of intellectual achievement, it provides a perspective on the continuing development of human thought.

Also he explains that students of any stream can opt but they must have the “a knack for grappling with questions, desire to seek new ways of thinking and command over the language.

The highest first cutoff was 95% at Lady Shri Ram College and the lowest was 65% at Janki Devi Memorial, Lakshmibai and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee colleges.

Eligibility: Philosophy is taught in 13 colleges of Delhi University, of which only four are co-ed colleges, because of which seats are limited. A student of any background is eligible for the subject.

Discipline I: There are 20 papers, including logic, Indian philosophy, ethics, early Greek philosophy, metaphysics and epistemology, religion, social and political philosophy, and feminism.

Discipline II: Six papers, including deductive and inductive logic, ethics, social and political philosophy, and philosophical texts.

Applied Course: Four papers on aesthetics and arts appreciation, applied ethics, bioethics and meditation.


      After completing the course, philosophy graduates have all options open. These include management studies, hotel management, NGO, law, social work, mass communication, public services (UPSC), creative writing, fashion designing, art houses, publishing industry, advertising, defence services (ground duties), aviation industry, animation world, event management, teaching and research.


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