Bringing out creative thinking, learning and action


Delhi University makes a new initiative of reaching out school students by promoting knowledge via maths education.

This is for the first time DU is doing something like this. The aim is to create a network between academic and infrastructural resources and reach out to the community and identify talented students in mathematics and science at a young age and promote engagement in research and science and mathematics reported Jyoti Sharma, assistant professor.

Little systematic research has been done in India to plan the identification processes and needs of gifted children. A national-level pilot project was initiated by the office of principal scientific advisor to the government of India in this direction in 2010 to identify children with high abilities in mathematics and science. The project was spread across three different locations, Delhi, Bangalore and rural Karnataka, across different age groups to accommodate the diversity at various levels such as regional, socio-cultural, economical and age level.

The first phase saw the participation of 37 schools, which comprised government, public, private, Kendriya Vidyalayas and minority schools and saw the participation of students from class V-VIII.

They worked through a detailed identification process, which involved classroom observation, details from children about their interest, response in maths and science, project work, etc. An ability test was also set up to judge the level of students. The school took the top 26 children for mentoring.

The second phase will begin in June. “We are holding additional classes for the new batch of 170 students from MCD and NDMC schools on Saturdays, where students learn about different concept through a hands-on approach at CIC. We do not teach the school or college curriculum. We allow them to engage with ideas through experiments so that they develop the skill to think independently.”

The idea is to create a thinktank for the future and allow students to explore and empower themselves by doing what they love to do in maths and science.

The school intends to scale this project by identifying more students from other parts of India.


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