Chemistry and key to success



Chemistry is defined as the branch of science concerned with the substances of which matter is composed, the investigation of their properties and reactions, and the use of such reactions to form new substances.

It has come to knowledge that humans live longer now because of chemistry. Indu Sidhwani who teaches chemistry at Gargi College correctly points out that because of chemistry we have medicines and clean water. It is also a focal point for all the branches of science.

Learning the subject requires an analytical mind to study it and to be organized and careful. The highest first cut-off was at Hansraj College–97%–and the lowest was at Shyamlal College–65%.

ELIGIBILITY: Over 20 colleges teach chemistry as Discipline Course I.

COURSE CONTENT: DISCIPLINE I: Covers 20 papers including two research ones. Topics to be taught include basic concepts and stereochemistry, gases and liquids, measurement of surface tension, viscosity and Avogadro number, chemical bonding (atomic structure, periodicity of elements, basics of chemical bonding), acids and bases, aliphatic hydrocarbons and preparation of organic compounds and chromatography.

DISCIPLINE II: Six papers covering chemical bonding, conceptual organic chemistry, thermodynamics, equilibrium in chemistry and electrochemistry and coordination chemistry and bio-inorganic chemistry, molecules of life, quantum chemistry & spectroscopy, phase equilibrium, chemical kinetics and photochemistry APPLIED COURSE: Four papers covering computer applications in chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, green chemistry.

Future Scope: Many branches of science are open to a chemistry graduate with environmental chemistry being, arguably, the most happening one. “There are food chemistry, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals and forensic chemistry.

But for the next 100 years, environment chemistry will be the most active field according to the professor.



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