IIT-B students wins a great applause for his film on acid attack



She did to communicate through sketches because acid reached her food pipe. Mumbai Mirror had also published the sketches she drew. What the student says is that he started following the nearly a month-long series of publication and was overwhelmed at the suffering of people who have been disfigured by acid or ill-treated and then he was working on short animation film where he decided to drop all topics and decided to take this topic on discrimination to acid attack victims and their sufferings.

‘Chasni’ (The Sugar Syrup) is the name of the film. The duration of the film is five minutes and five seconds. It has 1200 sequences of drawing done by Abhishek. He completed the film in November and on the insistence of his friends sent it to the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2014.

Moreover, the student says that the film is not about the violence, but about how such victims are discriminated by the society. It is the mistake of the society that such a crime took place and for our mistake these victims of disfigurement are suffering. The purpose is to create a sense of introspection on this aspect.

And the film ends with this message that there are 9,000 such victims but are not seen in public. “Where are they? They can’t come out because of the treatment they get,” says Abhishek, who is now making another animation film on homosexuality.



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