New and exciting career




Every imagined there can be a career one could make in sanitary fittings. The answer to the question is yes and the career is quite exciting and stimulating. The field is in a positive state as real estate is also booming. Moreover, real estate is gaining a larger share in the investments made by the public. The career is promising for people who are enthusiastic as well as who have the knowledge into sanitary ware, people who aspire for better bathrooms.




The demand for elegant looking sanitary ware is always there in hotel industry as well as luxurious flats and home also demand for having a really good-looking sanitary fittings. There is a great potential in the field because lifestyle aspirations are increasing with the increasing income.

There is a huge demand for luxury bathrooms in hotels, restaurants, office spaces, recreation and entertainment centres. When people travel and get exposed to various luxury fittings abroad, they expect the same at their homes also.



As earlier mentioned, the field has a promising career. Lifestyle based fields are in demand. Increase in the stress levels in people lives bring to frequent service of spas and other relaxation modes. Nowadays, with the increasing awareness that spa is a mode of refreshment and rejuvenation, people want to create such an ambience in their washrooms. Nowadays, people are getting more learned about chromo therapy. The effect of various colors is different on our body and temperament. Moreover, some colors have a soothing effect on us where as some don’t have. Looking to this, everyone chooses color in the bathroom with luxurious fittings that give them a relaxation after a tired day. Varieties of showers, in different shapes, varieties of sauna and steam are coming up. The fittings are done according to needs also. Hotel rooms have smaller shower fittings for lesser water consumption whereas people in their home have larger shower cubicle.



The first and foremost what comes in this section is passion for the luxuries, this becomes the important quality. Then knowledge related to sanitary fittings and their technicalities is a pre-requisite. Other important things like to determine the space and dimension are also necessary besides the superior and ultra-premium flair. Various aspects of business development like sales and marketing will be the major roles.


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