Exit tests for medical students


It’s time to test the competency of medical students. According to reports, Medical graduates or MBBS students will now have to face a national level ‘exit-test’ to show their competence if the plans of Medical Council of India (MCI) work out.

Earlier, this year, the proposal of the same was placed in front of MCI’s Executive Committee (EC) and the governing body’s nod. After further amendments, it will be sent to the Union government for approval.

Recommendation for mandatory exit test-

According to news, the regulating body in 2010 Medical Council of India (MCI) has given a statutory recommendation for a mandatory exit test, which is under active consideration of the health ministry. The Supreme Court, in line with the decision of the Bar Council of India (BCI), has made it mandatory for law graduates to clear a test to be able to practice in courts.

The Chairman of the MCI’s Academic Cell VedPrakasha Mishra says the MCI’s governing body had cleared the proposal amended by the EC on March 28 and according to him the exam is optional.

The reason behind inclusion of the new test is to develop a standard yardstick essential to evaluate graduates since the standards of exams conducted by different universities varies

Not only there is inclusion of the test but there is another amendment made by MCI’s Executive Committee is including an incentive to those taking the test.

Further the chairman adds that those candidates who clear the test successfully can directly be in the Indian Medical Register. This could motivate the graduates to take the test.


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