Delhi University’s new FYUP to be scrapped out



Lately, lots of controversy is noticed regarding the new FYUP at Delhi University. The new HRD minister raises her views pertaining to this. Smriti Irani is likely to scrap the controversial four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP) at Delhi University.

Smriti Irani likely to roll back FYUP at Delhi University 

This happened after a delegation of teachers and students from Delhi University submitted a memorandum to the minister urging her to do away with the programme.

As per news, the ministry is now reviewing the four-year course by consulting stakeholders and is almost convinced about scrapping it. This was one of the poll promises made by the BJP before the Lok Sabha elections.

HRD ministry arrived to the conclusion eventhough when DU vice-chancellor Dinesh Singh on Monday tried to convince Education Secretary Ashok Thakur about the effectiveness of FYUP and its implications in the long run.

As per news the ministry although has not yet come out with ways in which the old three-year system can be brought back since students who have done one year of FYUP will find it difficult to get back to the old system since they only did foundation course in the first year.

Sources in the ministry also affirmed new students in the ongoing DU UG admissions can be admitted to three-year undergraduate programme.


Student efforts– Student bodies such as All India Students Association, All India Democratic Students Organisation and Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union, students union of School of Open Learning (SOL) with DUTA and Democratic Teachers’ Front (DTF) earlier held a protest outside the ministry wherein they demanded the return of previous three-year course structure.

Flaw lies in the new system

DU FYUP system entitles Bachelor with Honours/ B.Tech Degree candidates to study 20 papers in Discipline-I and 6 papers in discipline-II. Students shall make their choice of the second discipline at the commencement of the second year of their studies. Students are expected to study 4 Application Papers. The Application Papers shall be included in the first/second/third years of the programme.

In the fourth year of the degree course, students shall be expected to pursue two research-based papers/innovation projects.


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