Revised norms for schools


RTE norms– Six new revised norms for have been introduced for permanently un-aided schools to be eligible for government grant. The initiative is taken by the sports department and state’s school education.

Areas like infrastructure, facility requirements and education have been started. Apart from these basic norms, other norms include-

  • Setting up of counselling centres
  • Inclusion of extra-curricular &co-curricular activities
  • Other social initiatives

The schools’ infrastructure will now be assessed under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE), act, 2009.

Moreover, the eligibility for grant for science, commerce as well as arts will be based on these RTE norms. Similar kind of norms were introduced on for primary schools last year in July.

New government notifications were introduced this year last month on June 4th 2014.These were receiving grant regarding the passing percentage and grades of their students, laboratories and HSC exam results.

Now, as per the new norms the school will be assessed for 100 marks under which 50 will be for quality of education given by the school and 34 marks for its infrastructure. Under this, the school has to achieve 75% marks in the quality of education, 70% for science and 66% to be achieved in case of arts and commerce to be eligible for grants.

As the above conditions are fulfilled, the school is eligible for the grant. Moreover, these schools will get grants on the basis of their needs and the staff available. The eligible schools will get 20% annual financial aid. Depending on the performance of the schools, the grants will increase by 20% every year for that specific school. In case if the school fails in this criteria of its performance, its registration may be cancelled also.

The reserved category for the schools will be according to adherence of government rules only.

An earlier government notification dated July 19 last year stated that as many as 3,484 schools in the state were given permission on a permanently non-grant basis till 2008, of which 448 schools were selected for the grants after fulfilling the evaluation criteria like maintaining and adhering to reserved category quota while appointing the staff, the students’ attendance record from primary to high school and the girls versus boys ratio.


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