Career in Real Estate :Future and Scope


With the growing population and the growing scope of real estate business, there are so many reasons to choose a real estate career. Another reason is this statistics which we have covered from Times of India.

As per source, India urbanises, by 2030, 600 million people will live in its cities and India will have 68 cities with a population of over one million. This will lead to the need of more professionals and agents in future. The department will require professionals who can build cities that are affordable to the public at large and feasible to them also.

Construction and Infrastructure management-

The real estate industry holds a lot of oppurtunities for the ones coming up in the stream, particularly in construction and infrastructure management. As per general views, the industry is not only about buildings and constructions. There are a lot of things to be considered while building a home. And real estate includes building societies, corporates, raw houses, bunglows, and so many things.

This involves lot of parameters like project financing, flow of funds, valuations, project management, Sales and marketing etc. The industry looks for talented professionals.

What are the merits of making career in real estate-

You are your own boss- In real estate, most of the agents are independent contractors. Like an entrepreneur, you are master of your schedule and projects.

Expansion and growth of the business is in your hands-

Coupled with a hard work and a good attitude, the career in the sector brings great rewards. Incorporating good communication skills and effective marketing gives fantastic rewards.

Focus on Client skills for greater rewards-

Whenever a family or individual plans a home, they will surely consult their agent. Home being a high-end good, the benefits are higher. One person satisfied by your skills, will again recommend it to someone else. This is how the business come easily.

You can take the vacation anytime-

If you feel there are a lot of projects in your hand, you can stop taking new ones for time-being and also whenever you feel that you want a break and don’t require any project, such things can also be done.

You determine the size of your business-

Your business can be as big as you want. If you’re an ambitious person and can handle lots of works, you can work on multiple projects at the same and as a result invite more and more rewards, making your business grow faster.

A brighter future-

Develop a plan to provide the “good life” later. If you decide to develop a brokerage business, it’s possible to structure it for sale at any point in the future. Using good business practices, the value of your brokerage business will grow and be a marketable retirement asset.



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