Cinematography and android app development at IIT-Gandhinagar summer camp



Six week long summer camp at IIT Gandhinagar brings students to extra-curricular activities like photography, cinematography and android application development.

The summer camp has been organized during the summer break of students.

The institute is offering course “Statistical Computing and Android Application Development” and “Cinema and Visual Representations”.

The course is been taught by faculty, working professional and experts. Photographer like Sameer Bakshi and faculty members from IIT Kanpur, Prof Satyaki Roy and Prof Shatarupa Thakurta Roy. The other courses are taught by Goutam Mallick, a professional from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).  

What next? A workshop on “Design Principles” and a workshop on poetry will also be held as a part of the summer camp. Apart from these, the summer camp also involves activities such as swimming, power yoga, aerobics, painting, sketching and various sports.

According to co-ordinators of the programme the summer camp provides an opportunity to the students to add some more skills and capabilities to their list and enhance their personalities rather than playing video games and whiling away their time during the summer. More than 50 students, mostly from the under-graduates have signed up for taking part in the camp.

The summer camp has grown from two weeks last year to six weeks this year.


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