IIM-A adds 11 new Management Development Programmes


Notification for eleven new MDP’s The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) would be offering eleven new Management Development Programmes (MDPs) in 2014-15. Ten new faculties have joined for this since September 2013.

The institute reported that a total of 77 open enrolment Management Development Programmes (MDPs) are being offered for 2014-15. Eleven new MDPs have been announced for the year 2014-15.

Below is the list of the programs-

  1. ‘Business Dispute Resolution: International and Domestic Arbitration’: It will be co-ordinated by Anurag K.Agarwal
  2. ‘Doing Busines Abroad’ and ‘Family Business: Organisation, Strategies, Internationalisation and Succession’ will be coordinated by Ajeet Mathur.
  3. ‘Employee Engagement: A 3D Approach’, ‘Strategic Transformational Training Methodology’ and ‘Industrial Relations: Changes, Challenges and Responses’ would be coordinated by Jerome Joseph.
  4. ‘Business Turnaround and Organisational Transformation’ and ‘Managing People for Excellence in Healthcare’ will be coordinated by Sunil Maheswari.
  5. ‘Designing Systems for Developing Internal Talent’ and ‘Leadership Pipeline’ would be coordinated by Biju Varkkey.
  6. ‘Psychological Assessment and Psycho- Metrics’ will be coordinated by Promila Agarwal
  7. ‘Enhancing Service Quality in Healthcare’ by Rajeshkumar Chandwani.

Connect, Nurture and Grow-

Reports Ashish Nanda, the director to realise our vision, the institute is following a three-pronged approach of Connect, Nurture and Grow.



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