National Madrassa Modernisation Programme to come up soon


As promised by the President Pranab Mukherjee, Technical education for minorities and upgradation programme for madrassas are on the priority list of the government.

During a joint session, the president said that it was unfortunate that even after several decades of independence, sections of minority communities continue to suffer from poverty, as benefits of government schemes do not reach them.

What’s on the list of the government-

According to the President the government is committed on making the minorities as equal partners in India’s progress. Secondly, the government will also take special measures to strengthen measures to spread modern and technical education among minority communities and a National Madrassa Modernization Programme will be initiated.

The Muslim community comprises around 14 percent of India’s 1.2 billion population.

On the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and the weaker sections, he said the government will take steps to create an enabling eco-system of equal opportunity in education, health and livelihood for them.

The government is committed to seeing that those belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Other Backward classes are able to avail emerging opportunities. For the Scheduled Tribes, my government will launch a dedicated ‘Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojana’

Further he added that the Electrification of tribal hamlets and connecting them with all-weather roads will be a priority area.

He said the welfare and rehabilitation of specially-abled people is integral to the government’s vision of a caring society. It will take steps to provide dignity of life to them by facilitating their participation in all walks of life. Steps will be taken to identify their special needs and to provide institutional care to them.



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