Norms for minor subjects at DU


Lately, Delhi University (DU) has guidelines for the process of allotment of Discipline II courses that are the minors. The University guidelines are made in concern to Minor subjects, the marks of the students scored in other compulsory and fundamental courses, the merit list, and the new reservation policy.

 Due to this, some colleges are found redoing either the entire process or a part of it. The challenge faced this time is the course takers are more than the seats available. For this, the university guidelines requires colleges to focus on the marks scored by the students in the compulsory foundation courses. The University wants colleges to calculate an aggregate for the subjects in which this case happens of takers exceeding the seats made available.

Reservation Policy to be introduced-

Also, at the time of determining the merit for allotment of DCII subjects, a reservation policy for admission of DCI should be followed.

Counselling Sessions-

The guidelines also require colleges to arrange for counselling sessions of the students for the courses and decide beforehand the minimum number of students required for a particular DC II course.

The teachers also reported the fact that the FCs came to play only after the first year of FYUP and the similar belief was found in the children. It came to notice that several colleges have already collected that on student’s preference on the subjects to study and students discussing how the over-subscribed subjects will be allotted. A teacher shared her thought by saying that the teachers were worried whether to give marks as best-of-four marks or DCI scores. In a way, both were unfair. They found considering FC scores to be more ridiculous but at least the decision was given in their hands was a good thing.

By the time, the things were taking place, an off-campus college carried out interviews and entrance tests on the two subjects that were in demand. As the reservation aspect was ignored earlier, the results of the screening process has been nullified and the process has been re-done.

The efforts made by DCIIs are significant in the admission process and are better made this year compared to the last year. DU’s promise to make students eligible for masters in the subject they have studied as DCII attracts students so far and the option stands well while decision on college. Students, in case, want to pursue a specific subject as masters and they know they cannot make in the merit for that list are ready to choose another subject as long as they can study the first preferred subject at DCII.




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