7154 more engineering seats in Gujarat approved by AICTE



   A good news for engineering aspirants of Gujarat- the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) approves a total of 70,115 by increasing the approved intake by 5,354 seats in the existing colleges.

70,115 includes 1800 seats in six new colleges approved by AICTE.

The previous number of seats is 62,951 seats. And as per news, out of the six new colleges 3 will be in Ahmedabad and remaining each one in Rajkot, Vallabh Vidhyanagar and Navsari.

The official letter of intent for coming 6 new colleges has already been issued. Now, only the apex body will send the final approval. Moreover, few colleges will also receive approval for diploma category.

This year out of 70,000 students appearing from Gujarat board only 69,741 students have cleared the examination and only 63,000 students are eligible for admission.

This year, 9000 seats are remaining vacant, the reason is almost all students who clear their examination with 45% or above marks make it to engineering colleges. On the other hand, in 2007-08 the number of students who wanted admissions were more than the available seats. More number of vacant seats are found in the colleges not having proper infrastructure or either they are not located in the city.

A rough calculation of 12000 seats were expected to stay vacant in the lower branches where students prefer not to take admission.


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