Mother’s name must in certificates and degrees


   This time onwards, the University Grant Commission is stricter on the compliance of this new rule of inclusion of mother’s name in the degrees, certificates and application forms issued by university and colleges.

The new rule aims to avoid the embarrassment caused to unwed, divorced and separated mothers which caused due to the column given for Father’s name.

In a letter to the vice-chancellors of all universities, UGC’s financial adviser Upamanyu Basu has stated that universities and affiliated colleges should clearly mention the student’s surname, name, father’s name and mother’s name on all academic testimonials in a prescribed format.

The UGC had issued a similar directive in 1998 following a debate over inclusion of mother’s name in all academic testimonials of students.

The argument raised in favour of such move was that it is the mother who gives birth to the child and participates in his/her development and she should not be subjected to such discrimination. Asking for father’s name only, was against the spirit of women’s empowerment, it was argued. 


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