MSU integrated cell and Molecular Biology Programme online registration


   The online registration for the programme at MSU of integrated cell and Molecular Biology closes on 25th June. It is a five year long programme conducted Dr Vikram Sarabhai Centre for Integrated Teaching and Interdisciplinary Research of the faculty of science of MSU.

The course started in 2012 with a special emphasis made on integrated and interdisciplinary approach by the faculty. The student intake for the course is 30 and the course ends after the completion of the sixth semester when the students will be awarded their B.Sc degrees.

If the number of students after the sixth semester in the integrated programme goes down below 15, students can apply for the programme through an entrance test and get a M.Sc (Cell and Molecular Biology) degree. Students with B.SC degree in any of the life science subjects are eligible for direct admission to the Semester VII after clearing the test.

Each semester has 24 credits.

The programme is conducted in collaboration with scientists from leading institutes across the country. Teaching will be conducted by visiting faculties from these institutes as well as those from abroad apart from teachers from the Faculty of Science.

Meritorious students get an opportunity to do summer training and dissertation at premier institutes.



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