UGC notification mandatory for new courses


Are you a college/university starting a new course for the students? Here is what you should do in prior. As per University Grants Commission(UGC) new norms it is mandatory for every college and university to secure its approval for the new course six months prior to starting it along with a nomenclature that does not figure in the commission’s list of approved names of degrees.

The reason is to avoid awarding of unspecified degrees that lead to litigating and different problems concerned with the degree. And a few colleges are doing so as written by UGC’s financial advisor in one of his letters to the vice-chancellors of all universities.

This notification addresses to all the universities to compulsorily adhere to the provisions of UGC also with the approved nomenclature of degrees as well as to follow the minimum standards of instructions before awarding the degrees. Violation or negligence of the rules will lead to strict actions from UGC which may include suspension of grants, against the stated university or institution concerned.

An official from Pune shared his views by stating that this move made by UGC to get approve of the nomenclature is due to a few private and deemed Universities which float new courses to attract larger number of admissions.

Ultimately the problem is faced by the student in future in the instances of securing a job or moving abroad for higher studies as the student was unaware at the time of getting the degree which was unspecified, the student gets questioned on the degree. An official correctly pointed that such a situation can lead to mental stress to the students or further litigations as well.

The Universities awarding degrees to the students have follow the framework of Section 22 of the UGC Act. This was again and again reminded to the Universities. No University can award degree in violation of the notification .A consolidated list of the UGC approved nomenclature of degrees for the purpose of Section 22 of the Act is posted on the commission’s website for Universities to refer. In case the University wants to add a degree other than mentioned in the list, it has to take prior approval six months before starting of the course with full justification on the course to be started. This all was also mentioned in the letter.


Section 22- UGC Act-

The right of conferring or granting degrees shall be exercised only by a university established or incorporated by or under a Central Act, a Provincial Act or a State Act or an institution deemed to be a university under Section 3 or an institution specially empowered by an Act of Parliament to confer or grant degrees.”

S 22 (2): Save as provided in sub-section (1), no person or authority shall confer, or grant, or hold himself or itself as entitled to confer or grant degrees.

S 22 (3): A ‘degree’ means any such degree as may, with the previous approval of the central government, be specified in this behalf by the commission by notification in the official gazette.

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