Admission stress rising among students and parents


These days rising stress is noticed amongst students. A daily newspaper describes about the situation of a student that got so severe due to stress that the boy had to be admitted to a hospital.

The boy is 18 years old and an IIT-JEE aspirant. The boy at sudden started experiencing dizziness, spells of fainting and nausea. Experts’ diagonised the situation and the results clearly pointed out to anticipatory anxiety. The symptoms of the ailment were directly related to his father’s higher expectation on his clearing the examination. The father’s overprotective nature constantly put a lot of pressure on him. This was said by a consultant psychiatrist at Paras Hospital.

Experts also say that this condition is not only with the boy but many other students. The pressure of clearing the exam from parent’s side, peer pressure and pressure of cut-offs leads to high tension among students and parents.

According to a psychologist from Columbia Asia hospital the pressure from Parents is a major factor in student stress. Some students reach to a thought of even suicide. The doctors receive 3-4 such cases daily during this exam season.

Another case was of a girl whose both the parents were doctors. Her parents put extreme pressure on her to get in a good college. Everything revolved around her studies and meanwhile she was preparing she had also stopping to her friends and her result deteriorated and performance also went low. Her self-confidence also went down.

Doctors explain that parents have to understand that marks are not everything. Stress not only effects on the academic performance but also has impacts on the personal and professional outlook of the person. Employers also see more than just a person’s mark sheet.

Further talking on stress they say that every year the seats made available are the same but the number of applicants keep increasing. In many cases there are conflict in choice of child for particular course or stream and the parents’ choice. Child’s brain gets affected by all this.

Some doctors have the opinion that parents need more counselling than the students. The anxiety found in the students is the true reflection of parent’s anxiety.

To avoid the negative energy, parents should also talk to things except admissions and pay attention to child’s diet.


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