UGC orders DU to scrap off FYUP; leaves DU confused


  UGC issues a directive to DU and this is the second time it does. UGC orders DU to revert the three year course. Also asks DU to send a compliance report by Monday noon leaves a little scope for the University to defy the government on the FYUP.

UGC emphasis that in case of any deviation from the directive the varsity will be considered deemed, with its consequences. There will be a serious cost for the University if it denies its government. A highly placed source said that the University officials should not play with the future of the students any longer.

UGC’s order hardly leaves any room for DU for any deviation. Also UGC sent letters to the principals of DU’s 70 odd colleges odd asking them to strictly follow the three year under graduate course. UGC’s staff delivered the letters to the principal by hand.

The Commission has made a decision to issue a public notice in newspapers and ask students to take admission in only in the three year programmes.

A committee will be formed including members like university’s academic and executive council, teachers, senior academicians and students union. The stand-up committee is formed with the aim to advise DU on rolling back the FYUP to a three year UG programme. The necessary academic and other competence are required and the students should not loose a year while obtaining undergraduate degrees. 


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