Smriti Irani’s plan to set up 8 new IITs across India.


   There are 6 IITs across India and the HRD Minister Smriti Irani, few days back, announced to bring 8 more IITs soon in India.

The petition was initiated by Digvijay Singh Patil, a third year students of agriculture and food engineering from Khargarpur. Other IITians have also joined hands to form an online petition on the website called Change.Org against the plan of the education minister.

The initiative to start 8 new IIT’s demands a cost of Rs 25,000 crore.

The opponents of the decision have the view that instead setting up new IITs, the IITians want that the facilities and faculties of the existing IITs should be improved reports an IITian. Explaining that many departments don’t have faculties. The petition has received 9000 signatures so far.

The petition was received two weeks back. Further he said that the new IITs offer fewer courses. Already, IIT-G doesn’t even have a sought after course such as Engineering and Computer Science. However the biggest complaint was on the condition of hostels and campuses. Except for IIT-Hyderabad and Ropar, the campus placement were not good.

Every time a supporter signs the petition, a notification email is sent to the official ID of the HRD Ministry.


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