Delhi University rolls back its Four Year Undergraduate programme


According to news, the vice-chancellor of Delhi University, Dinesh Singh shares that the University now decides to roll back its controversial four year undergraduate program (FYUP).

Earlier a statement was made by Dinesh Singh talking about the University’s recognition on the need of the hour and the University’s importance to protect the interests of the students by ensuring the start of the admission process.

In line with the directive of UGC, the university has decided to roll back FYUP. Consequently, the admission process shall be conducted under the scheme of courses that were in force in the academic session 2012-13 in all the colleges of the University of Delhi declares Dinesh Singh.

He further adds that it is expected that the principal will understand and speed up the completion of the admission process.

Now the DU agrees that is it ready to start admission process as per three-year undergraduate programme in existence prior to four-year-undergraduate programme which it had mentioned in its earlier compliance.

Earlier, amid the standoff between the university and the UGC, human resource development minister Smriti Irani made it clear that student interests needed to be protected at all costs. She asked all players not to stand on “prestige” and said: “This is the time for statesmanship.”

Members of Delhi University Teachers Association along with the employees of DU held a protest till the Vice-Chancellor’s residence demanding his resignation and rolling back of four year undergraduate program.


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