Washington University and IIT-B join hands for e-MBA


As per the news, Washington University St.Louis and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay partner to launch a combined executive MBA programme.

The new programme, which will confer a joint MBA degree, will be modelled after Washington University’s executive MBA in China and the US.

The venture is happening for the first time. The Chancellor of Washington University shares that this is the first joint degree programme that they have in Washington University and conveys a commitment to partnership and confidence in IIT Bombay.

They look for a global reach as he further adds that the University expects companies that are based within and outside India. For those who enroll, the development of network of business professionals will be helpful. For this purpose, the Chancellor has spoken to lots of companies as her shares the recent updates and got a chance to speak to the CEOs of three important St Louis-headquartered companies, including Emerson, which has 10,000 employees or more in India, Monsanto and Sigma Aldrich and each of those companies has committed to having one or two employees in their first cohort of students in this joint EMBA programme.

The partnership will also enable IIT Bombay to connect with a large number of businesses in many sectors, other than technology, and complement their ongoing activities of industry academia linkages.

Course duration: – 18 months

Commencing from 2015

Eligibility- The course is designed for professionals having at least seven years of experience.

The tuition fees will be $55,000-$60,000, which is 50% less than its current cost in the US.

Mahendra Gupta, dean of WUSTL’s Olin Business School says that curriculum will be based on the expertise of both the B-school.

The executives will be representing all sectors including women in such a way that the University will be able to open the door not only for corporate leaders but also in the fields of social entreprenuership, CSR, policy perspectives, government leaders, bureaucrats, and NGOs



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