Female student’s enrollment shoot up this year at IIM-Lucknow


Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow has completed admissions for its Post Graduate Programme (PGP) 2014-16 batch and witnessed a drastic increase in the enrollment of woman candidates from the last year. 

  • As per a daily newspaper, around 46 per cent candidates of the batch this year comprises of female candidates. They observed a rise by 8 per cent as compared to the intake of last year.
  • The PGP Agri Business Management (AGM) batch has half i.e. 52.27 per cent of the students’ female.
  • In a total of 409 candidates admitted, 187 are female. PGP -ABM batch consists of 23 female candidates out of 44 as the total strength of the course for the academic session 2014-2016.
  • A majority of students are from the engineering background. Around 74.8 per cent aspirants making up for 306 seats in PGPM are engineers. PGP ABM solely has 29 seats out of 44 students that makes for 65.9 per cent are engineering graduates.


Experienced v/s No Work Experience– When work experience is concerned, about 30 per cent of the PGP batch comprises of freshers with no prior experience, and 42 per cent has one or less than two years work experience. Only 23 per cent of the total batch has more than two years of experience.

IIM-L this year ensured that there is diversity on the campus without compromising on merit during the PGP admission process


IIM Lucknow Director IIM-L Director Devi Singh said that full time two year residential PGP-ABM programme is well designed in order to develop the students into professional managers and entrepreneurs promoting food and agri business enterprise. It has managed to get a good mix in terms of gender diversity and the academic diversity for the academic session commencing from 2014.



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