Gujarat is the place for studying architecture


Gujarat has some of the best architecture schools to benefit from. Moreover, the field itself a career friendly one. In Gujarat, from 780 seats in 12 colleges in 2011, the number has risen to 1,380 seats in 24 colleges. It seems for those who want to study architecture Gujarat is the place.

Bimal Patel, Director of Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) believes that when a student studies architecture, he/she draws an entire breadth of knowledge “Architecture covers science, art, social science, history and even maths in its gamut. There lies the appeal of the subject.

Agrees Nirav Hirpara, director, School of Architecture, Vadodara Design Academy says that their applications have doubled over the years; they also attribute the reasons to a consistent demand for architects and this being a glamorous profession. While Gujarat has renowned architecture varsities; number of schools has risen. The stress should be on quality to ensure there is no compromise on excellence. 

Architecture has easily made it to the top subjects in popularity over the last five years. Surat city alone got over 1,300 applicants during the NATA test in 2014. The interest has come from glamour, dearth of professionals and widening scope of options and growing career opportunities -Persi Engineer, principal, faculty of architecture, AAERT & SSB, Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology.

Scope of Architecture-

Earlier, only science students could apply for architecture. Now, it has been extended to commerce and arts students with maths background as well.

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