India has the highest number of students in the world at 315 million

Being the second largest in population, India is likely to show big numbers in many field. When it comes to Education, the number of students is a gigantic 315 million.

China’s student population is 252 million according to UNESCO. India is not only largest for number of students. India also makes the fourth biggest country in the world touching the US at 318 million population.

Other fact that would provoke you to thinking is that out of this student population of 315 million has a slightly bizarre component to it. Census data gives ages of these students and over 3.3 million of them are above 30 years of age. In fact over 12 lakh are above 60 years and 1.2 lakh are above 80 years.

However, the number of students with the age group of 0-4 is jaw dropping which equals to 10.5 million. Further, it is surprising to report that the total population of 0-4 years in India is 112 million.


Another interesting aspect of the students is that about 9.5 million are ‘marginal workers’. That is, they are working on an irregular or part time basis, not more than six months in a year.

About 60% of these working students are male and the remaining female. This reflects the pressure families face in making ends meet, and the high costs of education.


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