Virtual classrooms receive allocation of Rs 100 crore from Budget 2014

The first budget under Modi’s government has decided to provide a virtual classroom project to spread and improve education for students in villages and small towns. The initial stage of the project starts with a funding of Rs 100 crores.

This decision came forth in a joint session of the President Pranab Mukherjee. The next step it takes is setting up of Massive Open Online Classes and virtual classrooms.

The government is surely heading towards its development in digitalization. As an official said this is governments move towards development process in a big way towards their agenda of digitalization.

The BJP, in its manifesto, had promised to set up open online courses and virtual classrooms to make it convenient for the working class and housewives to further their knowledge and qualification. The party had declared it would launch a national programme for digital empowerment through computer literacy of the people, especially the youth.

A senior official correctly pointed virtual classroom facility will not only improve education but it will also cover the dearth of teachers in villages.

The finance minister is also likely to announce India’s first-ever exclusive channel for farmers expected to be called either Krishi Channel or Kisan Channel. The 24-hour channel, to function under Prasar Bharati, is likely to have interactive programmes to enable active participation of farmers.

Consultation have already started for the launch of 24-hour agriculture based channel for farmers and rural audience.

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