IIT-B is the first choice among engineering students

With 58 of top 100 rankers joining IIT-B, the institute becomes the top choice in engineering students this year too. The counselling preceding the admissions is over and now the students have to make their choices.

As per reports, Computer Science was the most selected option. Almost nine out of 10 students had made the choice for the subject.

After IIT-B, it was IIT-Delhi and IIT-Chennai were the second and the third choice respectively in the students. A total of 36 out of top 100 have been admitted at IIT-Delhi.

However, the number of students opting the subject Computer Science at IIT-B has fallen as compared to 2013.

A total of 36 students get allotted at IIT-Delhi which last year was 29. Other than this, 44 out of top 50 rankers have opted for Powai institute.

Students may have placed more importance to the stream over the location and once seats in computer science were filled up, they looked at the other IITs, describes IIT-B director Devang Khakhar.

The only woman candidate in the top 10 ranks, Aditi, who got the seventh rank, chose to go for computer science at IIT-Delhi. Computer science was among the most popular choices at IIT-B and IIT-D followed by electrical engineering among the top 100 ranks. Only one signed up for a dual degree programme in computer science at IIT-D and the rest chose the flagship B. Tech programmes at IIT-B, IIT-D, IIT-M and IIT-K.

For lesser students going to IIT-Madras, the reason spotted was food. Students have often said IIT-M does not have the kind of food that Bombay or Delhi have. But all our students are good, whether they are in the top 100 or below,

Twenty years ago, IIT-Kharagpur did not receive a single student from the top 100 this year. New IITs like that the one at Roorkee and Guwahati haven’t got a single student from the top slots.


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