Higher cut-offs by DU leads student moving in different cities

  Delhi University’s progress so far is that the second cut-offs have been released and the admissions for the popular courses have been closed. Although, there were lots of controversies happened for the Universities decision for the four year and three year courses, there was no drop seen in the cut-off percentage.

When asked to the BJP leader Vijay Goel regarding the decision made by Delhi University, he expressed concern over the sky-rocketing cut offs that the average students have no other option that migrating to other cities for higher studies.

The challenge is largely faced by the average students.

Goel further said that It is the average student that attack of higher cut offs. And the situation further becomes tough when about 2.7 lakh students are currently competing for just 54,000 seats of Delhi University.

His views on this were as the average student is left with no option than moving to other cities for exploring options, the University should provide a concession of 4 per cent to the students to the students passing from Delhi schools. Moving to other cities also bring an additional financial burden to the families.

Goel demanded that the university should expedite the admission process which began on July 1, a week behind schedule due to the stalemate between UGC and DU over the controversial four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP).

He described that already the tussle between UGC and DU over FYUP caused the delay in admissions and now, additional criteria for admission to colleges have further added to the mess. DU should expedite the admission process and help reduce confusion amongst students and parents alike who are worried sick about the future of their children.

Another helpful view, he has given is advising DU to open up more evening colleges. Because there is a need of youth-led development, University needs to promote skill development. Skill is also an important factor, only empowering with studies does not suffice the employment purpose. Not only this, Skill development that ensures nation building.

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