IIM-A and Harvard come together to offer executive courses for I-T officials



  This time both the business school Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) and Harvard Business School (HBS) have come together in order to offer a four-week executive education course for senior officials of India’s Income Tax Department.

The short term programme will launch soon and what all it will cover are various topics like of leadership, dealing with change management in a large organisation and becoming more citizen-centric.

As the course comes into execution jointly by Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A) and Harvard Business School (HBS), but the course has been designed jointly by IIM-A and HBS Executive Education (HSB-EE) which is one of the top business schools in the world.

The intake of the course is 30.The candidates will spend two weeks in each Universities i.e. two weeks at IIM-A and HBS.

As per IIM-A Director Ashish Nanda today the prominent facets of change for India are professionalisation and upgradation of capabilities of the public sector. IIM-A is committed to working closely with public institutions as they go through this momentous change.

Tie-up of such nature is being done for the first time. The aim of the merger is to connect with the private sector, public institutions and internationally renowned management schools.

Further on the timings of the course he said that the I-T officer course is taking place when the agencies all over the world are facing a difficult task conducting their duties.

The objective of the programme is to provide I-T leaders with perspective, skills and insights related to the leadership of a public enterprise, change management in a large organisation and becoming more citizen-centric what IIM-A Dean (Programmes) Ajay Pandey believes.

The programme aims to strike a right balance between responsiveness and police implementation and discussing ways to achieve proper balance.

The initiative is a new one. They have been making conscious effort to widen the horizons of our Executive Education Programme and particularly reach out to the public sector describes IIM-A Chair (Executive Education) Abraham Koshy.

Behind this there were lots of requests demanding course for executive education. In the last 2-3 months itself they had received received 35 requests from public sector undertakings and government departments for executive education courses and also received 43 requests from private sectors for such programmes.


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