Efforts to educate tribal students


This time the country is concerned for the tribal group and makes an effort for the same. Efforts are been made to develop semi-english schools for tribal students.

For this, around 30% ashramshalas in the state will be converted into semi-English medium schools to help tribal students upgrade their knowledge and skills.

The state Tribal development master informed that the recruitment process has already begun. The plan is to fill about 1000 posts for the semi-English project of which about 688 would be for teachers. Total there are 550 ashramshalas (residential schools for tribals) in the state.

Further planning is to open 300 facilitation centers in tribal areas to handle the communities’ grievances. Every center will be located within a radius of 10 km from the nearest ashramshala to ensure tribals do not have to travel all the way to taluka headquarters with their complaints.

Meanwhile, the minister recommended that the city-based Tribal Research and Training Institute, which undertakes research and studies pertaining to tribal communities, should get the status of a national institute. The department would approach the Union government with the demand.


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