National Geographic launches magazine for students

‘Explorer’ by National Geographic


With the aim to provide educational resources to students and new learning solutions for teachers, the well-known National Geographic launches a special edition of ‘Explorer’ magazine.

US Charge d’Affaires Ambassador Kathleen Stephens inaugurates the National Geographic Learning’s Explorer at the American Centre in the presence of the Vice President and Publisher of National Geographic Learning, Francis Downey.

The National Geographic team realizes that teachers need to teach more and more than ever before to bring out the best in the students and students have to perform better. National Geographic is now committed to producing quality educational resources for teachers and students.

About the Magazine-

Explorer magazine can engage students and teach them in greater depth than possible through a textbook. With National Geographic photography and story-telling, the aim is to bring all the sensibilities to education.

The name is well known for it magazine, books and channel. The team had researched on the unprivileged as well as students with special needs and coming up with ways to serve them.

The programme includes an accessing content through an interactive application, content on its website, large posters, projectable magazine content, monthly magazines and a teacher’s guide. There will be four reading levels and seven issues will be published in a calender year for each level.


About 20 to 199 copies of the Explorer will cost Rs 1,800 per year, between 200 to 499 copies Rs 1,600 and 500 and more copies would cost Rs 1,400 annually. The application is available for teachers and students across the globe with videos, photography and stories as its content.

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