Kalam’s valuable advice to IIM students


Here was an advice given by our former president APJ Abdul Kalam to the students of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – Shillong. He suggests all the students to emerge as creative leaders in order to bring out the desired change in the country.

During the lecture, “Dimensions of National Development” Kalam addresses the students that he wants to see all of them as creative leaders.

The “missile man”, as Kalam is also known due to his background in aerospace engineering and his role in India’s indigenous missile development, is one of the visiting faculty members in IIM-Shillong.

He further continued by describing about the challenges that India and the world were facing and emphasised on the role of leadership to tackle these issues and develop possible solutions to ensure socio-economic development.

The key requirement for achieving a distinctive profile for the nation was by creating sustainable enterprise-driven models at the rural level.

According to news, Kalam urged the students to emulate a development model to bring urban amenities to rural areas.

Providing Urban amenities in Rural Areas (PURA)-

Providing Urban amenities in Rural Areas (PURA) is one such system which I suggest will help in providing opportunities through cooperative working of resource and social entrepreneur in the rural areas. PURA is the creation of physical, electronic, knowledge connectivities leading to electronic connectivity of rural regions.

Charting out a link between creative leadership and economic development, the former president emphasised on the importance of the role that change in leadership would play for ensuring success. He also spoke on various values like integrity. Further, Kalam also met the faculty members to discuss the role of academicians in promoting creative leadership among students for the betterment of the society.



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