Overseas global exposure increases at IIT-Gandhinagar


MoU signed between Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Gn) and Nielsen

 As per news, in order to improve the international oppurtunities for their students, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (IIT-Gn) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Nielsen.

The duo has worked together for quite a few time and while working with IIT- Gn, Nielsen noticed a few talents those when trained can become great industry leaders. Nielsen looks forward to encourage these young minds. These shortlisted students will be guided and mentored by Nielsen.

The agreement says that Nielsen will fund several Nielsen Awards annually at the institute to enable undergraduate students to participate in international conferences, workshops and internships that offer global exposure.

Further, after this, in an increased globalized world, the director of IIT-Gn, Prof.Sudhir Jain wants institute to pay greater emphasis on internationalization of it curriculum.

Prof. Jain adds to this that IIT- Gn has already many visiting faculty from abroad who bring diversity to the campus and our academic programmes. Nielsen’s support will enable us to significantly scale up and expand the range of international opportunities for the undergraduate students. The institute believes that this brings an edge to the undergraduate experience.

Also, IIT-Gandhinagar students will be selected through a screening for internships or to attend global conferences outside India by the faculty. The selected students will then be assisted by Nielsen for their internships.


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