Update on Teacher Eligibility Test


The TET, conducted by University Grants Commission for college teachers, is aimed at improving the selection procedure.

As per news, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir join the league of five northern states who are not going to conduct test for appointing teachers. Further Goa is also in the list who will not hold Teachers Eligibility Test (TEST) for appointment of teachers in school.

Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) recently reported that Delhi, West Bengal and Goa are the only three states yet to form school management committees (SMC) for primary schools.

CABE also found that in compliance with the Right of Child to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, (RTE), only 65 per cent of primary schools in Goa have a pupil to teacher. Due to reason, Goa has not held the mandatory TET as yet. The state feels it is not feasible to conduct examination for 100 teachers at a time in Goa.

Even though, the state has this belief, the state has not been able to come at an alternative to this. It is against the RTE who prohibits the appointment of teachers without them clearing a state held test

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