CBSE working on study material on unsung war heroes


Central Board of Secondary Education is in planning to add a book in the syllabus of CBSE. The book is on unsung war heroes that could soon be recommended as supplementary study material for students of Classes IX to XII.

For which the board approached the chiefs of Army, Air Force and Navy for their help in drafting the book. CBSE is looking to shortlist about 25 to 30 names for the booklet, which would soon be available for approximately 15,000 schools affiliated to the board across the country.

As per news,

CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi told ET that he had written to the service chief heads about this asking them to recommend names of martyrs and war heroes whose tales of courage, they feel, should be known to schools students.

The book aims to bring encouragement within youngsters to take armed forces as a career option. The inspiring stories of war heroes, we hope, will work well for this purpose .However, the book will not be included in the curriculum for assessment as per Sadhna Parashar, director of academic, research, training and innovation at CBSE. The booklet will be in the list of recommended reading material.

Another book named ‘Death wasn’t Painful’ is a book on the Indian fighter pilots from the 1971 war published by private publishers. The book series is also to come in list of recommendation for supplementary reading. This book is by retired Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force Shirendra S Jafa. That apart, we are also going to ask schools to encourage children to read ‘Brave’ by Penguin Books which chronicles tales of India’s bravest soldiers.

The recommendation of the books are in direction of the education system’s advising schools to encourage students to opt for career in armed forces of the country. Last time, when CBSE sent a circular to the principals of all CBSE affiliated schools, the board has advised the teachers to visit the official websites of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy to search for motivational material. This is also an effort like proposed booklet effort regarding encouraging the students towards efforts.


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