IITs improve soft skills for their students


We all know that the students from IIT are all bright. Generally the students from IITs are considered brilliant, good engineers and quick problem solvers but it is possible that they are not good at communication. This shortcoming may become a hindrance to their career. It might cause disturbance to employability issues also and may land them to rejection.

Soft skills will develop their overall communication body language and writing skills. Fixing this issue with an outside help would make these premier engineering students stand out best at their workplace.

IIT Hyderabad, which is in the middle of a pilot to assess speaking, reading and writing skills of its 1,500 engineering students, is rated as one of the best among the newer IITs in research. It has tied up with IT skilling firm Talents Sprint to conduct computerised tests evaluating the students in their BTech, MTech and PhD.

They will then undergo a 36-hour remedial coaching programme on body language, effective professional communication, listening and paraphrasing and articulating thoughts, which is mandatory for all first-year students from the next year.

When it comes to other parts of the institute IIT Kanpur, is also tied up with the British Council this year to conduct English tests focused on conversation skills and written and spoken fluency. It will also get other organisations to help students with aptitude and technical tests. The institute is in the process of setting up a Career Development Center (CDC) this year for helping students make informed decisions on job opportunities.

Other is IIT Guwahati too is in talks with business schools and coding platform providers for mock tests. Venturesity, a set up by IIT Kharagpur alumnus, will conduct a year-long workshop for online and on-campus courses on Python (a coding language), analytics with programming, and Android app development.

With more hands on training, capable students sitting for interviews will have brighter chances with improved body language and communication skills.


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