Japanese language to be included in India as per Modi


As per Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Japanese language should be introduced online in India. He also urges that Indian languages should also be included in Japan.

Such an exchange of language will positively impact to the century and everyone at large. These views of Modi were observed after his interactions with Japanese Deputy Minister.

After discussing on various subjects like Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Maekawa Kihai, and teachers of the Taimei Elementary School, the minister noted that there was a need for Asian countries to be more prepared in the area of education.

What he said was that the whole world accepts the 21st century as Asia’s century, and to prepare ourselves well, Asian countries must learn each other’s languages and values, so that this century is more useful for humanity.

On the third day of PM’s trip to Japan, he visited the Taimei Elementary School in Tokyo. A presentation on Japan’s elementary and secondary education system was made to Modi.

After the presentation, Modi beautifully described that he had come to the 136-year-old school as a student “to learn how moral education, modernity and discipline has been blended in the Japanese school system and could be imbibed in India.

In his five day visit, the PM studied and understood the methods of evaluation and examination and how parents are kept involved with the child’s education, and how the school syllabus is prepared.

Modi arrived in Kyoto on Saturday and was received by Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


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